2009 Individual

Passing No./Yds. Name Opponents
Most Attempts 30 Luc Hildebrand Pinconning
Most Completions 10 Luc Hildebrand Beecher / Pinconning
Most Yards Gained 190 Luc Hildebrand Beecher
Most TD Passes 2 Luc Hildebrand Montrose / Lakeville / Durand / Powers
Best Average Per Pass 12.08 Luc Hildebrand Lakeville
Consecutive Completions 4 Luc Hildebrand Beecher / Powers 2
Passes Caught No./Yds. Name Opponents
Most Caught 6 D. Patenaude / N. Bila Lakeville / Pinconning & Powers
Most Yards Gained 160 Nathan Bila Powers
Most TD Catches 2 Daniel Patenaude / N. Bila Durand / Powers
Longest Caught 69 Nathan Bila Pinconning
Longest TD Catch 57 Nathan Bila Montrose
Most Interceptions 1 N. Glowacki / W. Wood / D. Patenaude Durand / Mt. Morris / Marine City
Longest Rtn. with IP 62 Wade Wood Mt. Morris
Rushing No./Yds. Name Opponents
Most Carries 32 Wade Wood Yale
Most Yds. Net Gained 133 Wade Wood Yale
Longest Rush 65 Daniel Patenaude Durand
Longest for TD 65 Daniel Patenaude Durand
Most Rush for Gain 125 Wade Wood Yale
Most Rush for Loss -26 Luc Hildebrand Powers
Total Offense No./Yds. Name Opponents
Most Plays Pass & Rush 33 Luc Hildebrand Beecher
Most Yards Gained 183 Luc Hildebrand Lakeville
Highest Average Per Play 23.67 Kasey Porrit Montrose
Fumbles No./Yds. Name Opponents
Most Fumbles 3 Luc Hildebrand Powers
Most Own Recovered 3 Luc Hildebrand Powers
Most Opponent Recovered 1 Multiple Multiple
Punts No./Yds. Name Opponents
Most Punts 6 Daniel Patenaude Marine City
Longest Punt 47 Daniel Patenaude Durand / Yale
Highest Average 47 Daniel Patenaude Yale
Most Runback 2 Multiple Multiple
Most Yards Runback 72 Nathan Bila Mt. Morris
Longest Return 69 Nathan Bila Mt. Morris
Longest For TD 69 Nathan Bila Mt. Morris
Most For TD 1 Nathan Bila Mt. Morris
Most Opponents Blocked 1 ?? Richmond
Kickoffs No./Yds. Name Opponents
Most Kickoffs 8 Nick Glowacki Lakeville/Durand
Longest Kickoffs 60 Nick Glowacki Multiple
Highest Average 52.3 Nick Glowacki Beecher
Most KO Runback 5 Kasey Porrit Marine City
Longest KO Return 77 Kasey Porrit Powers
KO Returned for TD 77 Kasey Porrit Powers
Highest Average Return 57 Nathan Bila Mt. Morris
Scoring No./Yds. Name Opponents
Most TD 4 Daniel Patenaude Durand
Most 1-PAT 6 Nick Glowacki Durand
Most 2-PAT 2 Wade Wood Powers
Most Field Goals 1 Nick Glowacki Lake Fenton / Pinconning / Powers 2
Most Safeties 0 N/A N/A
Most Points Scored 24 Daniel Patenaude Durand

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